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I have been successfully leading HR departments in international and Polish companies for a number of years. What I learned is that traditional HR strategies are not enough to transform a company into a great place to work for employees and board members alike. It takes a joint effort from all involved: employees, leaders, HR and board members. It requires mutual understanding of each other’s purpose and needs, and also a common goal which everyone wants to achieve. We are using mixed tools and strategies to achieve this result, including facilitation, mentoring, coaching, and consultation. Changes take time, but when they are done jointly and with determination of all groups, results are extraordinary



I have completed 128 hours of coaching practical classes “Art and Science of Coaching” by Wszechnica UJ following the Ericsson Collage International coaching methodology, and I am currently completing my international coaching certification.



I am certified facilitator.
Facilitation is a highly effective way to increase the productivity, and openness of any meeting training discussion or workshop. It is also one of the best ways to increase engagement and fulfilment of a group. I am offering consultation on facilitation as a way of transforming organisational culture, leadership and communication.



I have conducted over 700 training on various topics, through tailored workshops and structured sessions across a broad range of organisational and psychological, areas including Leadership, Creating High Performing Teams, Motivation and Engagement, Managing Change, Culture Differences, Communication and Presentation skills, Listening and feedback skills

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I am psychologist, HR Business Leader with over 18 years of experience in various industries, geographies, organization cultures working locally and globally with Boards, Executives, Leadership Teams. I am also a business trainer, facilitator and coach.
I have always been interested in people, and self development. From my university days where I graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a Masters Degree in Psychology, through out my professional career in Human Resources, self development has been a passion of mine.
Since them I have developed further down the path of Facilitator and now coach. It is my firm belief that deep down we all want to be happy whether its in school, work, or in life in general. Its only through knowing whats important to you that you can understand what drives you, inspires you and what demotivates you.
Understanding your purpose can unlock strong feelings, and passion to pursue your real dreams – something many of us spend many years thinking about, but never putting this into action.

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If you like my values, and see the potential in you or your ogranisation and and would like to work with me, please get in touch. I offer an initial free consultation to learn more about the requirements.

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