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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching

Available in client office or in my coaching office in Kraków or via skype or phone

Coaching is one of the best way of development which can significantly increase your way of living and working.
Have you ever thought about how your live would look when you could actually achieved the goals which you were trying for a long time?
Could you imagine how it will be if you would finally become the person or employee or a leader you wanted to be for a long time?
When last time you had a chance really ask your self what are your real, deep dreams and how to fulfil them?

Coaching can help answer all of those questions and help you to achieved what you want, but not in the magical way, but in the way of getting more aware about yourself and becoming consciously person you want to be and live you want to have.

I am psychologist, experienced HR leader with over 17 year in the business. I completed Canadian „The Art & Science of Coaching” School provided by Erickson Coaching International (accredited by ICF).
I am working with accordance to ICF standards and code of etchics ( )
Coaching is a process of individual meetings between coach and coachee, which usually taking between 6 to 10 meetings. Meetings are usually taking around 60 minutes.
First meeting is and introduction free of charge meeting which usually takes up to 90 minutes, when we meet each other more, discuss on how coaching is working and agreed contract towards our cooperation.

Be brave to start the most amazing trip, trip to yourself. Contact me and I will honoured to become your Executive Coach

  • Skills

    Self reflection, Problem Solving, Self Confidence

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