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Why me

I am passionate about helping people and organisations become happier. It is my firm belief that deep down we all want to be happy whether its in school, work, or in life in general. Over the last 17 years of my career I accomplished many projects which proved that happier people and happier organisations can unlock true potential and strong passion to pursue real dreams and achieve extraordinary results. Now, it is the time I can share my knowledge and tell you how to become happier. I am Psychologist, Executive Coach, Facilitator, HR Leader, Business Trainer, HR Consultant, Inspirational Public Speaker and Blogger.


Facilitation is a highly effective way to increase the productivity, creativity and openness of any meeting, training, discussion or workshop. It is also one of the best ways to increase engagement and fulfilment of a group. I am offering consultation on facilitation as a way of transforming organisational culture, leadership and communication, as well as I am facilitating leadership and team meetings.


Coaching helps people to learn, develop and achieve goals and desires. It raises self-awareness and unlocks hidden possibilities. Thanks to it, people find solutions, develop competences, change attitudes and behaviors. I work as an Executive and Life Coach on individual sessions, as well as as a Group or Team Coach. I offer coaching at meetings in and around Krakow or in a virtual form from other locations.

Training and Workshops

I am offering either open or tailored workshops and structured sessions across a broad range of organisational and psychological needs. My areas of expertise are including: Leadership, Creating High Performing Teams, Motivation and Engagement, Managing Change, Understanding Millenials, Culture Differences, Increasing Innovation and Creativity, Interpersonal skills, Empathy in the Business, Emotional Intelligence and others.

HR Consultancy

I am working as an HR consultant on short and long term projects cooperating with Boards, Leaders and HR of different organisations to solve their challenges in area of: HR strategy, Recruitment and EB strategy, Learning & Development, Culture Changes, Change Management, Compensation & Benefits, Retention, HR Analitics, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Labour Law and Policies and Procedures.

HRBP School

Nowadays, the role of HR BP is becoming more and more indispensable in organizations. HR partnering with businesses brings profits in the form of strong relationships with people and effective and quick response in the field of human resources management. During my professional career, I have developed nearly twenty people to the roles of HR Business Partners. I am very proud of them and closely follow the next steps in their career. Sharing knowledge and teaching others has always made me very happy. The more I am so happy that I fulfill my dream and in the autumn of 2018 the first Cracow School of HR Business Partners starts which I am the initiator and the main guide. It will be 100 hrs, 12 days and 4 conventions full of knowledge and practical building of HR BP competence in the form of a workshop. Soon more information. If you are interested, write to me.

Inne Projekty

I am often a speaker at conferences and events, I also work with universities as part of lectures for students in the field of Human Resource Management, and also share my knowledge in professional magazines. I also offer a job as  HR  Interim Manager. Special attention in my activities is taken by employees of HR departments  ,  HR  Business Partners, HR Leaders, for whom I am a mentor and a coach. If you want to interest me with a project or work with me on something not entirely specific, please contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about it.

How to Engage me

We all know that different people behave differently in different situation. The same is with the companies. I am never offering copy-paste solutions from one organisation to another or one person to another. All my offerings are tailored to the specific organisation or individual need. Therefore, I am starting all my projects with consultation and together we are developing contract and working method which will be the most satisfying for the client. Just write me an email or call me and we will find solution together. Do it now. Often “later” become “never”. And happiness is worth to be treat as a priority.

My Previous Experience

What people say about me

How to contact me

If you see the potential and would like to work with me, please contact me. I am offering a free consultation for every new engagement to learn about your requirements and what I can offer you.